Amputated Spirit

by Ceiling Demons

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'Amazingly powerful & heartfelt' - Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music

The Amputated Spirit single has been RELEASED ON FRIDAY THE 13TH OF JUNE, 2014, alongside the brand new exclusive B-side 'For The Love'. Ft Acts!

'A breath of fresh air' - Lounder Than War

'Raw hip hop and spine chilling delivery' -


'Best video we've seen in ages.' - Don't Panic

'The visuals complement the song perfectly!' - Earmilk


Video by James Bird

Artwork by We-advance


released June 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Ceiling Demons England, UK

Alternative Hip Hop from North Yorkshire


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Track Name: Amputated Spirit
Beat into a zombie state,
They can't relate to your addiction to escape,
They can't relate to the pain, you try to compensate,
Replace the hate, relight the flames to light your way home again.
Take the long way, sober up in the breaking day.
We sometimes get so carried away,
Forget the promises that we make.
Although sealed with a handshake, a mistake, a piss take,
Making a mess of your place,
Dead baggies and piss stains,
Empty cans growing by the day,
23 feet high, drunk and dazed, wasting days,
How long does it take for this poison to claim?
I'll explain once the Ceiling Demons amputate.
Are you afraid, are you awake?
The mirrors are staring you in the face,
Don't be afraid, you are not awake,
Now we can amputate.

Don't give up on this,
It'll be alright if you try and win.

Should I keep beating on the door of my own thoughts?
I have been and fought for my own sort,
And won some, drawn more,
So what the fuck was I born for?
I ain't made proud those I mourn for.
Feet that are worn raw creep to the fourth floor,
Dangle on the precipice and scream "what's it all for?"
It's psychological enslavement,
Brains lay scattered on the battered grey pavement.
The magistrate's wavelength resonates the suicide,
Bottom of the bottle I inhabit makes the truth arise.
So I sit above a chosen cliff,
Yearning for a person I could rest and share the moment with.
Do I live inside a broken myth?
Tied to these thoughts that I give, as I hope to live.

So I've been beating up my body, mentally and physically.
I do this constantly, striving for some chemistry,
Soul searching trying to find some tranquillity.
Chemicals no longer need to be ingested for me to see more clearly.
Love your brothers, love your sisters.
But still crank up your transistors,
This is a takeover which results in the reaper
Taking your soul like an addict and a dealer.
Broken heart or failed liver?
You may have to amputate what doesn't kill ya.

Keep waking up sweating, finding no answer to this equation,
Keep on questioning self worth and discipline,
Head keeps on thinking: I need this shit to start soothing,
My soul, my intentions from what I know, are good,
But when I'm drunk, I'm cold. I don't give a fuck!
Evil, nah just bad, bad with the skunk
Devil on your shoulder make you drink and smoke up.
Lurking on the Ceiling, like the Demons in luck
Grim reaper wants your soul before you know it's been took.
Shook up! No luck! We are corrupt!
Track Name: For The Love (Feat. Acts)
I take a look at these four bars tattooed on my wrist,
Each one times ten for the chances that I've missed,
Reminisce six years to when I was fifteen,
They meant more to me than 40k a year,
That's how it ought to be,
Every book the taught to me I've devour in a day,
I'd find my love in pages of Ballard, Camus and James,
Now I re-inject my rage,
Think my chances can be saved,
By spewing every twisted thought I have onto the page,
It stays the same,
The same face looking back on me,
But the love's gone,
Once loved songs sound wack to me,
I rap to see if that creativity that used to live inside of me,
Can fly again and find a new nativity,
But now my pen's at a stand-still,
My mind's full of potential that torrentially falls,
And my life's just a page in my rhyme book,
Crushed in a handful,
Straight to the landfill

Turn up the lights so you can see me,
Looking back at everything that I've done,
Tear apart the stars if it need be,
Breath easy,
A new era's begun

Confronted by horrific fears,
Left wide open like a heart held dear,
But in danger squeezing tight,
The hand of life,
Let it go and realise,
It will be alright until disasters strike,
Crush the land and shatter the skies,
Sunlit brutality shines down on dark homicides,
Blatantly bright, clear as day but hidden at night,
In bottles to smash, topped to the max,
Trickle and spill until the last,
Silent & still,
Fractured the glass the thrill, the cracks,
Fill up the glass, the thrill the cracks,
Open a window revealing your past,
The demons are back, exposing your craft,
Heartfelt attacks, the meanings bleed in riddles and rhymes,
The signs, the times, the boom, the bap,
The beats brought to life by crooked minds from loveless vibes Creating trouble alike,
Do you identify?
We glorify, the mirror's images inside those eyes,
Yes close those eyes,
Demonised for the love, the trust, the love,
For the love

This is for the love, the demons above.
Shine like a star, fly like a dove.
Who do you trust?
I traded any love for drugs, have you taken enough?
Are you on the verge of crying?
Anxiety climbing from the depth of your psyche, try me,
There’s one hundred ways I could make you bleed,
Fuck off, get freed.
We pour light on everything but it’s irrelevant,
Our demise is elegant.
I see the words leaving your lips as death takes its grip,
Fuck everyone who is taking the piss.
If it’s not one double O then you’re full of shit,
Amputate my spirit.
This is beyond my fucking limits.
I’m scarred and twisted beyond my limits.

I feel sorry for these rappers that hope that they blow,
But know that they won't,
End up as a nobody nobody knows,
And it's lonely and cold,
And nobody goes to your shows,
No-one bought your EP,
Or thinks that it's dope,
And this is the reality,
The agony is trapping me,
I love every step but I live in mendacity,
This is my challenge, I ravage every sample,
See, I kept my integrity but look what it's left for me,
They've no respect for me,
How can I make a living?
I'm livid with the living room I'm living in,
I'm sicker than the bit of spew I'm sitting in,
I've studied every simile and synonym and written 'em,
And this is what I get from it,
I've gone and tried to make some art,
I've taken part and placed my heart upon a board that's made for darts,
I wonder, will I fall apart?
I'm dedicated to the love but the love doesn't love me.