by Ceiling Demons

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Amid these testing times, North Yorkshire's alternative hip hop group Ceiling Demons return with a fierce injection of energy, hope and raw truths in their latest single - Illusions - available via digital platforms from 1st May 2020. The song depicts an isolated society, blind faith and self destruction that ring true now more than ever during the current climate. However the track offers a stunning hit of hope, realisation and togetherness with its call to arms chorus that reminds us of our place in nature and that we are all connected:

But they're all just illusions
Keep yourself in tune with
This beauty's got us all included
Connected through this, walking shoeless

Written in 2013, the song has been a firm live favourite at shows throughout the years. 2020 has finally seen Illusions released on a transparent 7" vinyl as part of Butterfly Effect's exclusive singles club, with a limited run of 40 copies that sold out within minutes. This rare piece of vinyl includes the previously unreleased B-Side - Illustrations.


'As a soundtrack for 2020, Illusions is hard to beat: it’s a song that confronts social expectation, isolation and paranoia with a steely eye and vivid realism but also boasts a gang-vocal chorus that opens up a necessary chink of light and optimism.’ – NARC.

'Listening to ‘Illusions’ is to reach the upper limit of a musical experience and has all the stark morals, shades of hope, and raw truths to convey this story ten times over.' - Spotlight UK

'A song that is injected with a fire breathing roar and a message of hope for all' - comeherefloyd

'The passionate vocals mirrored the emotive beat and the lyrics were equally dark too. dope stuff!' - Blatantly Blunt

‘The vocal delivery is everything in this track’ – Backseat Mafia

‘Wow, doesn’t that sound good!’ – Rianne Thompson, BBC Radio Tees


Beat Demon:
This is a waterfall of awful thoughts pouring forth,
I'm setting fire to everything that I have fought before,
This is venom to my enemies in every sore polemic, raw, endemic, war,
That meddle with my hellish claws,
You're talking to a person who is worse than every evil ever,
But even people better reek of things I speak in letters,
Even steeples in my reach are looking feeble, better
Reason with a decent bredda,
Peace is what I need instead of,
All this vicious shit, Shit I couldn't finish with,
Shit, I'm feeling sick with this Guinness but I keep sipping it,
My life is rhythmless, Slowed to a stop,
And the things that I love are the things that I'm not,
Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't be missed,
You know I'd even to pray to God, But no, he doesn't exist,
I'm done with all the shit I only love when I'm pissed,
I don't know what a life is but it shouldn't be this.

But they’re all just illusions
Keep yourself in tune with
This beauties got us all included
Connected through this
Walking shoeless

Psy Ceiling:
Walking clueless with a crucifix, this shit is getting stupid
Nailed to it, loosing fluids
You’ve finally fucked it
Set on fire alive, burnt to a crisp
The demons claim spirits, we’ll raise it or drink it
You are now an exclusive, the only one with excuses
Escaping – he abuses, until he’s found in pieces
Shattered from the frame, hammered into the state
Trapped in the dungeon afraid
Anxious with hate, feeling betrayed
Nothing but hate that will never be maintained
Evil claimed – check mate
‘Please don’t torture me again’
It’s not too late, rise from the flames
Like the phoenix born again
Stop digging the grave
Heal the pain
Slay or be slain

But they’re all just illusions
Keep yourself in tune with
This beauties got us all included
Connected through this
Walking shoeless

Dan Demon:
Devils either side, now there’s demons right above you
Rejected to the gravestone, the thought that no-one loved you
Icicle, grips cold, dead king reigning
Skeleton truth told, the battle which slay him
Raising a glass high - honour pride and sin
Patients, the past by hands tick inside the skulls eye, see lies?
Through truth? See through? Transparent serpents
Have you felt the spineless, selfish, possessed feelings?
Deflated moments? Empty depression?
Confusion, a mental state I always meddle in
Delusion, an insight remains unsettling
Dark times, shattered lives determine a nation
Hang dry, ropes tied, throats cry frustration
Step back, realise – stop the complaining
Fooled by all these illustrations

But they’re all just illusions
Keep yourself in tune with
This beauties got us all included
Connected through this
Walking shoeless


released May 1, 2020
Words: Beat Demon // Psy Ceiling // Dan Demon
Music & Production: Beat Demon
Original Artwork: Art Demon - Tim Coomber [We Advance]


all rights reserved



Ceiling Demons England, UK

Alternative art-rap band from North Yorkshire


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