Even If

by Ceiling Demons

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Following the release of their acclaimed debut LP, ‘Dual Sides’, alternative hip hop dwellers Ceiling Demons are back. Their new single, ‘Even If’ is a hopeful homage to the people who pass through our lives.

The song premièred on the Tramlines Festival website. After a triumphant festival performance joining the likes of Mobb Deep and Kate Tempest, Even If is officially released on the 17th of August, alongside exclusive B-sides 'The Quiet' and 'Feels Like Forever'.

Live session video by Make Noise Studios at Tramlines Festival

'A short but curiously beautiful meditation on life and death that muses on the afterlife and the enduring nature of love.' - NARC.

'Their choice of music and words once more far belies their age.' 8.5/10 - Louder Than War

'A brilliantly poignant breath of fresh air' - Gigslutz

'powerful and soul-stirring;' - Sampleface


released August 17, 2015

Even If
Words: Dan Demon, Psy Ceiling,
Music: Beat Demon

The Quiet
Words: Psy Ceiling
Music: Beat Demon

Feels Like Forever
Words: Dan Demon, Psy Ceiling, Beat Demon, Swift '89
Music: Swift '89 @SW89_

Artwork by Tim Coomber @WeAdvanceleeds



all rights reserved


Ceiling Demons England, UK

Alternative Hip Hop from North Yorkshire


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Track Name: Even If
Even if I don't see you I still feel you,
Through the doom & gloom of a lonely evening,
Brought on by self isolation, this is my final confession,
That leads to redemption,
Set by impressions from certain songs, like hymns,
Marley spoke about freedom,
So won't you help to sing,
It's all I ever had in the beginning.
Even if I pissed into the abyss,
The love I shared would fade away & break to bits
But so will all of this.
Sad times pass just like happiness.
Even if I don't say that I love you,
You better believe that this is true.
I may never see you again
But one day we shall meet beyond the moon...

The sands of time spill through our lives,
We close our eyes. We say goodbye.
You have your own hand to hold, explore this world.
Tear drops fall.
What’s it all for? Is this the poison of is this the cure?
Endure as much as you can until you can no longer stand.
Love, it’s unplanned. Whatever happened?
Confront or get caught killing the man.
Demons demand. Do we understand?
Blood on our hands, love in the sand.
Exist past the distance that we imprisoned
And please dream with conviction.
I would fly to the other side just to be by your side,
And I would fly to the other side even if my love had died,
And we will thrive through these dual sides,
But you cannot avoid, creation destroyed,
Truth is we’re all going to die.
Track Name: The Quiet
Salute to the graves of another man slain.
I've slain and been slain.
Spoken silence, 5D telepathy,
You change the mood in the room with your vibes.
Be positive or negative, we magnetize,
Reject or vibe, exchange gestures then lock eyes.
Pupils are just keyholes, be imprisoned or free.
Choose what you wish to see,
And expect the unexpected as it is reflected back to you and me,
Blatantly bringing this whole world to rest in peace.
Respect to those you represent.
Never forget that all I want is the best for you dearest.
We speak in tongues, try to rewrite our wrongs
As we set right those who we have wronged.
In search for salvation. The constant victim ponders a new beginning.
Isolate the icicles of isolation.
Embrace the connection between the men and women who occur ghostly when you're dreaming.
Memories mean nothing.
Distance has no existence.
You are a pattern, you are laughing as it happens.
Say something that will provoke a reaction of passion.
Flower and thrive with your opposition.
Learn to trust and not just judge.
Track Name: Feels Like Forever (feat. Swift '89)
Drifting, aimless, clueless, cloudless skies
allows the time to tick on
by the way you caught my eye, contacts blinking sunlight.
Beaming down enchantment beating blood round,
without a sound.
Silent moments capture closeness, left wide open,
two hearts, one golden, one frozen together
creates an explosion.
Cover any emotion
dark with matter, why does it matter?
Ancestor claims, genes and data,
It feels like I've been here forever
but I'm still not any better
still not any better.

It feels like I've been here forever.
It feels like forever.

Substances take some of us away.
Make some of us brave, some misbehave,
Some crack and break.
Escape the day to day but you’ll come down again.
Ride out the waves.
Care for your friends.
Self loathing can smash up your face,
Make you pull out a blade,
You’re unstable again with that self destructive hate,
We’re not just here to entertain, there’s art to be made.
Take the gun out of your face,
Please don’t be afraid.
You were born to be great, born to sail the waves.
You have love and faith.
Triumph and tragedy,
Defeat and victory, we all battle constantly.
Love yourself and believe.
The ones around you, they are not you,
But love blooms and love is true,
So do what you can and try to understand
That to be the better man you have to make a stand.
Stand up for your dreams,
Understand what they mean.
Always listen and read.
Be somebody. You are somebody.
Now love and be loved wholeheartedly.
Triumph and victory, triumph and victory

It feels like I've been here forever.
It feels like forever.

I’ve been trapped here for ages.
The names of these faces don’t change in this wastage
It's basic and plain in this place I've felt pain in.
It’s raining, it’s pouring, fuck facing the morning.
How do we escape?
We take and take until we break and ache
Till we hate our mates, till we waste our days.
Will we make our way from this state of dismay?
There are places to stay, people to go to
But evil that knows you is keeping a hold.
Is it feeble to fold? Keep or let go?
Bleeding the feelings you feed on to hope.
Reap what you sow until you know that it’s over.
Catch me on the cobbles with a bottle acting sober.
After what has happened, must be magic that we’re closer.
Closer to hell but we’re lonely as well.
Take me from this town.
Better never get around that I ever let em down and I never made them proud.
From the little that I’ve seen, things don’t get better and it might just be me but it feels like I’ve been here forever.

It feels like I've been here forever.
It feels like forever.