Dual Sides

by Ceiling Demons

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Dual Sides is the group's debut LP, which follows on from where ‘The Ceiling Demons EP’ left off.

It is a journey of escapism that takes you through the darkness in order to appreciate the light.

The album was recorded in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and features BBC Introducing's songbird Pip Mountjoy.

"The group have a bizarre sense of style, and music that both stresses talent and creativity" – EARMILK

"An astonishingly assured debut album" - Yorkshire Evening Post

'It's great to hear hip hop with sincerity again' - Arrested Development

'Metaphor-laden flows, philosophical taunts and subtly-spit musings all frazzling around a frame of ill-beats and samples' - Jumbo Records

'The album is a breath of fresh air' 8.5/10 - Louder Than War

'Heartfelt and dark, the lyrics are filled with some serious reflections on the nature of loss and life and their sound has eclectic undertones of indie, metal and chillout, all wrapped up in some delicious production.' - The Crack


released December 18, 2013

All lyrics written and performed by Psy Ceiling and Dan Demon
(Except for Amputated Spirit: additional lyrics written and performed by George Ruston, chorus lyrics by Euan Kearney, performed by Tomas Keavney; Closing The Journal: additional lyrics written and performed by Pip Mountjoy)

All tracks produced by George Ruston and Euan Kearney

The Heartstrings Chorus comprises: Psy Ceiling, Dan Demon, George Ruston, Pip Mountjoy, Claudia McQue, Chris Curry, Luke Smith, Chris Adams, Rob Knibbs, Tim Hatfield, Ben Povey, John Stainthorp, and Mel Hancock.

All tracks recorded at Green Man Swaler Studio

Tracks 1, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 11 mixed by Toby Bligh at Junction 9 Studios

Tracks 2, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12, and 13 mixed by George Ruston

Album art by Tim Coomber at We-advance

Original art concept by Lewis Edwards

All promotional video footage by James Bird

Thanks to:
Our family and friends
Martin Wood-Weatherill
Chris Curry
Josh Nappin

In loving memory of Cody & Lamb x



all rights reserved


Ceiling Demons England, UK

Alternative Hip Hop from North Yorkshire


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Track Name: Demons
I must be strong now, these bodies only ever seem to weigh us down,
Walking with the crowds, what was lost is sure to be found.
Yes, we have the sounds, yes we make these sounds.

Lurking, we’re high above the curtains, windows tapping, walls uncertain.
Haunting, Ceilings, shadows, Demons. We are creeping, silently feeding.

Seeking the truths hidden beyond the ceiling,
An instinctive feeling feeding freedom,
Your heart beats to the rhythm,
Jesster’s precision evolves him into the Beat Demon.

We feed upon the vibes, open your eyes, you are alive.
Taking high above the clouds, above the sky.
Jesster's mind, samples he finds, Psy Ceiling/Dan Demon’s words combined.

I trust some of you but have kept a broad point of view.
Watching the drama from the same room,
Dying in the living room,
I only speak the truth, I only speak the truth.

Speak no evil, hear no devils, we are demons and we bring lots of trouble.
Bad intentions and twisted puzzles,
But good expressions because we’re keeping it real.

Do you feel? Will all the damage finally heal?
Finally peal away the old sins; this is what is real.
Inhale – exhale, you’re breathing with the demons, this air isn’t stale.
Sipping on the ceiling, we’re here to prevail.
Inhale – exhale, we’re here to prevail.
Track Name: Mendacity
These hollow walls keep on swallowing me whole, hearted and honest.
Cursed with answers. Scratches and cancer.
Like crabs we scatter, away to the side, given access or denied we try.
I’m told to head towards the smell of gun powder,
Its intoxicated aroma may make you wonder. In this fog you’d only surrender.
What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.
What is out of sight is out of mind.
Question why. Cycle of life? Cycle of time – Born – Die - Live - Survive.
We aim towards the sky, rip off your shirt and cry
“Fuck the world!” We are cold, heartless, killers…

Waiting for that second phase, the evening's glaze,
Another reflection, another suggestion.
The consideration of our force of action,
Searching blindly for a reaction,
What's happening?
Did we take the medicine that will stop the bleeding?
The healing process freeing, our weights float to the ceiling,
We're not gonna see them.
Who's the angel? Who's the demon?
I am the only voice of reason.
The choice of treason,
Gunpowder, beating, white powder, sneezing, insides freezing.
So fucking ill again.
Let's meet our friends, to the bars.
Love will tear us apart leaving us stitched up and scarred, still standing!

Stagger forward into the moment,
Try and hold it together,
Everyone lives under the weather.
Reflections on the water.
I fucking hate myself when I'm sober.

Don’t shoot the massager, just hide in the heather,
Like the famous grouse we will hunt ya, scare ya, kill ya
Keep your nerve if we drift past ya,
Ghost like, with a white flag willing to seize the fire.
Trojan horse, this plot gets worse.
Poisons are the best way to work the spirit into the dirt,
Double crossed and double shots, wretched words!
Tainted minds lead to a coffin, a crime, uncomfortable, you may want to spew,
Lose all contacts and then renew your lover and your addiction to the booze.
I still couldn’t choose, I still can’t choose, but I’d happily spit out all my truths,
Wishful thinking is a point of view.
A weak point of view!
Track Name: Journal
The water falls, the roar, the oceans calls, the horns blow,
We cast off into the unknown.
The strings steer us on course, of course we’re reading the compass, maps and guides,
Using our ears and eyes, telescopes and gut instincts.
Taking you to the brink of this existence,
Scurvy riddled scallywags swagger like drunken pirates punching or walking the plank
Met by empty bottles and cans.
Always spilling, swaying, pissing, liquids,
These streams are flowing, we get the cycle in motion.
From rain to floods, becks to rivers,
We can see the sea getting nearer, ever closer like Atlantis, we’ll all be going under.

You’re dealing with the demons.
The ones who got higher than the ceiling,
Thus were left searching for freedom
Substance, zodiac, elements, healing,

This is it: the final gathering of words,
We have been through the worst
Now we will grow from the dirt.
Flower & thrive or wither & die,
Dual sides;
Neither wrong nor right, just a moment in time,
A decision to decide,
I pick up the pen & write to the love of my life,
“I want to find the light”.
We’ve been through dark times,
I’ve kept notes on suicide. To close to deny
But the days go by as we remember the good times,
Bless each moment and survive.
Striving towards an eclipse of happiness,
Although oversensitive, we can achieve it,
The warmth within will embrace our sins, we don’t need them,
All the negative feelings, although it is in out traits,
We are Ceiling Demons, dreaming of a better place,
Full of hope, humour and wisdom.
Always listen, always listen.
Empathy is the foundation,
A new religion, world understanding,
Revolution, new solutions, no confusion,
Keep on moving, we will be more than human
With our thoughts and freedom all together as one,
World healing and real feelings from our hearts all beating in rhythm.

You’re dealing with the demons.
The ones who got higher than the ceiling,
Thus were left searching for freedom
Substance, zodiac, elements, healing,
Listen to this United Kingdom,
The high & focused have our blessings,
Young & restless inspiration,
This is the underground resurrection.
Track Name: Every Step Is Moving Me Up
I step up to the roles,
The actor knows how easy it is to be exposed,
When you go – you go.
So when you go – you go.
Yes, everyone is some great,
I’ll always keep your secrets safe,
Inside our hiding place, blessed by your pure grace,
Keep the smile on your face
Because when I grow up,
When I finally sober up, I’ll be freed from the drugs,
I’ll be free for your love.
My best friends are long gone but I got runner ups
And every step is moving me up.
Northern stars with hearts filled with love,
Trust this stardust as we shine up above,
Follow the lights because we’re taking you up,
We’re taking you up.
We have been stuck too long in this dungeon,
Conquered the walls then climbed to the ceiling,
The Beat Demon's rhythms lift us all higher than the ceilings.

Alleviate every pain, anxiety and worries, point to the sky and be free.
Escape responsibilities, use courtesy.
The stars are made for you and me, magic and tranquillity;
this is how we walk on the moon, would you like to see?
Become the higher self that your conscious wants to be.
Look how clear life can be, with love and sincerity,
Devotion and equality, pushing mankind to the point of global harmony.
One love, unity!
Wake up the mind, soul and eyes.
Feel the vibes, this is just the end of time.
The world ticks on. Doomsday's book was wrong.
Some records are kept and some are spun.
Always read, write and listen.
Track Name: Amputated Spirit
Beat into a zombie state,
They can’t relate to your addiction to escape,
They can’t relate to the pain, you try to compensate,
Replace the hate, relight the flames to light your way home again.
Take the long way, sober up in the breaking day.
We sometimes get so carried away,
Forget the promises that we make.
Although sealed with a handshake, a mistake, a piss take,
Making a mess of your place,
Dead baggies and piss stains,
Empty cans growing by the day,
23 feet high, drunk and dazed, wasting days,
How long does it take for this poison to claim?
I’ll explain once the Ceiling Demons amputate.
Are you afraid, are you awake?
The mirrors are staring you in the face,
Don’t be afraid, you are not awake,
Now we can amputate.

Don't give up on this,
It'll be alright if you try and win.

Should I keep beating on the door of my own thoughts?
I have been and fought for my own sort,
And won some, drawn more,
So what the fuck was I born for?
And ain't made proud those I mourn for.
Feet that are worn raw creep to the fourth floor,
Dangle on the precipice and scream “what's it all for?”
It's psychological enslavement,
Brains lay scattered on the battered grey pavement.
The magistrate's wavelength resonates the suicide,
Bottom of the bottle I inhabit makes the truth arise.
So I sit above a chosen cliff,
Yearning for a person I could rest and share the moment with.
Do I live inside a broken myth?
Tied to these thoughts that I give, as I hope to live.

So I’ve been beating up my body, mentally and physically.
I do this constantly, striving for some chemistry,
Soul searching trying to find some tranquillity.
Chemicals no longer need to be ingested for me to see more clearly.
Love your brothers, love your sisters.
But still crank up your transistors,
This is a takeover which results in the reaper
Taking your soul like an addict and a dealer.
Broken heart or failed liver?
You may have to amputate what doesn’t kill ya.

Keep waking up sweating, finding no answer to this equation,
Keep on questioning self worth and discipline,
Head keeps on thinking: I need this shit to start soothing,
My soul, my intentions from what I know, are good,
But when I’m drunk, I’m cold. I don’t give a fuck!
Evil, nah just bad, bad with the skunk
Devil on your shoulder make you drink and smoke up.
Lurking on the Ceiling, like the Demons in luck
Grim reaper wants your soul before you know it’s been took.
Shook up! No luck! We are corrupt!
Track Name: Closing The Journal
Corruption, disruption and pollution.
The side-effects from being a race of humans.
A blind eye sees this reputation and chooses – ignorance is bliss albeit excuses.
Useless, keep feeding the mind these sedatives.
But thoughts are the most powerful kicks.
Substance and mind, placebos are right.
Focus high and renew this wish. As we enter the age of Aquarius.
Fire signs point to happiness, spark the spliff and agree with us,
Nod your head if you’re feeling this.
Vibing is part of our evolution, removing negatives with soul soothing solutions.
Positives, we all must tune into this one love, unity station.
Connect subconsciously, one nation.
I and I, love and life, these demons can sway towards the light.
Heartfelt morals know what is right.
Striving for an enlightened knowledge of mankind,
we aim high and reunite,
Understanding, empathy and Spiritualized
Let's keep pushing humankind.

Waging war upon reality; the whiskey and the wine, they are our weaponry.
Every weekend we wage war upon our health, ever weekend we wage war upon ourselves.

Night time, city lights,
The Ceiling Demons are going outside,
Reaching new highs, we were born to thrive,
We make the clouds in the sky,
Fallen friends live through our eyes, expanding our minds,
You are stronger than you ever realized,
Magnetized towards the vibes,
We strive, strobing with the flashing lights,
Bathed in moonlight, these good times remind us of the joys in life.
One love – I & I,
Zodiac signs conducting conscious minds,
Conducting the feeling inside,
Dance with your neighbour, travel with mankind,
We watch the line as we try to align,
We are the same and one of a kind,
The prototypes vibing until daylight,
Beaming with the people connected tonight,
Let these souls reunite,
Let your instincts guide you towards the light,
Spiritualize in this moment in time, divine,
I find the time to write,
‘This little life of mine, I’m gonna let it shine’.
Close the journal, say goodnight,
Close the journal – well good night.
Track Name: The Mirror's Image
You fucking told me I mean the world to you, is it true?
Bitch. New point of view. Are you listening? Are you?
I don’t believe a single word you say, why I did?
Getting played, hardest thing you ever had to do that day?
Was it now? Who the fuck looks like a clown?
I’d be looking down on all you jokers, Chelsea smiling outta focus.
You don’t have a fucking clue.
At least I’ve got respect and tell the truth,
Unlike you. Unlike you.
Constantly lying that’s the worst thing
Security, honesty, generosity is what I’d bring,
I always gave. Well now time it’s time for another grave.
Don’t look at me with those cold eyes since they’ve changed.
Calculated, tactile, user, deceitful.
Unexpected, broken heart, anger, resentful.
Waiting for the curse to kick in, hanging on puppet strings.
I’ll soon be hanging with my friends.
I hope I fucking scare you, this pain is unrepairable.
D’ya know I’d like to take the bullet for ya?
In fact, my fantasy would be you pulling the trigger.
Fuck it, it’s too late, you’ve unleashed the monster.
I can’t sleep at night, spewing all of the time,
Crying out my mind, nightmares are running in rewind.
I hope you’re happy, never gonna be that family.
Just an empty future riddled, the conscience guilty.

Now fuck this, it's nonsense!
They’re not listening, they’re not responding,
It’s like talking to the fucking walls or something,
Snapping at the family for no reason,
It’s a portal day and I am a Ceiling Demon.
Are you taking advantage again?
Is my effort zero? Waiting for the ink to dry from my pen,
I pretend to be in a place, lost in space, as I fall from my grace,
Who gives a fuck anyway!?
She never stayed; she never got in touch with me again.
Watch me haunt until you are afraid,
My humour became a kamikaze maze with my mind adopting a similar state.
Don’t get in my way, don’t make me put blades to these veins,
I fucking knew it was all in vain!
Taking advice from a knife, roll the dice, pay the price,
The animal bites,
Infected, you have fucked up this life.
So where’s your alibi? You knew that it was suicide.
Fuck the ones you’ll leave behind.
So when are you going to try, hmm?
You’ve made up your mind,
Tried to analyse the best way to die,
The shortest day, the longest night,
Your heart is out of sight – squeezed blind from the fears inside.
Close those eyes please close your eyes.
No trust. No love. No trust. No love.
No trust. No love. No love. No love.
An interpretation, a reflection,
Your decision – fuck decisions,
This the mirror's image, this is your mirror's image,
Receiving what you’re giving, receiving what you’re giving.
This is your decision, your decision,
Track Name: The Dark Wood
Head towards it, always cautious
Two steps backwards, one step forwards.
The ground is flawless, my eyes are enormous,
I stand for all people who know how raw this is.
Emotional torture leaves you vulnerable to the slaughter,
Like leading the lambs, shepherds of our friends
We all reach the same destination in the end.
Haunting, some of us laughing, shadows of passion,
This will never even happen, I’m no longer blagging,
Just feel the vibes and be frightened
This is a sense that’s provoking emotions flowing, anger and devotion,
Conflict in the mind, explosions of the mine fields, don’t cross them.
Dark woodlands, lost again.
Withdrawal symptoms become a common trend,
Self-torment from escaping the dread,
The thought of a challenge can seem more in your head,
Sweating, spewing, apologies to friends, family and fragmented memories,
If you crossed me, I am possessed. I am a demonic, woodland mess.
I am looking for my next victim and killer combined by torment.
Self-neglect, bottled up inside my chest, head and vest.
Wife-beater, beating with no regret,
I'm a country bumpkin through and through,
But there's something crude about waving white flags then starting to shoot,
Starting on the booze.
No excuse, I am confused, but this is the poison that I choose.

We light the beacons, we raise the ceiling,
Demons with beacons, lighting up intoxicated visions,
You will truly see once you listen,
Into the darkness we are preaching,
Evoking feeling, heartfelt dealing,
We are the learners who are teaching,
Defcon gurning with 10 cans, smoking for spiritual healing.
Do you feel your heart beating?
Do you see through the shadows deceiving?
Keep listening. Keep it lit,
You hold the beacon, you hold the key to the prison.
Psy Ceiling leading you beyond the demons,
Bootlegged, the strange water goes to the head,
The spirit in the moment hanging by a thread
As we hang with our friends, from the beginning until the end,
We get stuck in the middle,
I’ll lurk inside of my riddles as I riddle my mind
And pickle my insides, so how the fuck am I still alive?
I survived, climbed higher than the skies.
Now the moon shines, drinking moonshine.
I read their minds through astrology signs.
The science and the art that is the Zodiac,
Communicating like a Gemini,
Me & Dan Demon are two of a kind,
But the water rules our lives,
The moon sways the tides,
A dead demon, a new life, a new reason in which to strive,
We should have never gotten this high,
You all carry the light,
Guide your way through this life,
Guide your way through the skies.
Look me in the eyes,
I see through the darkness of your mind
Soul searching for the light as we withdraw and hide,
Withdrawing from the hate inside as we soul search through these times.
Back & forth, over the line that sanity tries to provide,
Back & forth, over the line that sanity tries to provide,
Back & forth, over the line that sanity tries to provide!
Track Name: Someone Great
I gave to you all you took from me,
Good job I am soulless but emotionally, I’m not that strong
Or maybe I'm just rusted and dented like an old tin can,
Which passes around between yourselves,
The clear selfishness, it can not be helped,
As you kick I rattle like a broken rhythm,
An object, a waste, the unforgiving.

The wind pushes the rain that’s tapping,
Behind the curtain there’s this terrible tension,
Behind the eyes, the leaks start flowing,
You cry and I cry but there’s no way of knowing.
You leave the room to get some shut-eye,
I sit up drinking, keep on asking myself why have I
Done some things that turn friends against me?
Loved ones, I love you but I’m feeling empty,
I sigh with regret, what will I do next?
Delirious, drunk and fixed on death.
What will I do next? I’m delirious, I’m drunk to fuck man,
I got a death wish, a death plan!

Life's a lesson that we all have to take,
Too bad some of us dig our own graves.
We are all reflections of our own traits.
Fight the hate, substitute it for something great,
Yes praise the brave who inspire us to lift the weight,
From our shoulder blades and be amazed at the lighter side of the maze,
As we float through space,
Travelling from place to place,
You know – you put a smile on my face,
Begin to paint the world you want to create,
Try not to complain, things can not always go your way,
Still we play the game and the sweetness will help us to love again.
The sweetness aids the bitter mistakes we make,
So we’ll bake a cake and share the pieces and celebrate
With everyone who we appreciate
Because everyone is someone great,
Yes, everyone is someone great.
Track Name: Follow The Compass
Right now we need direction,
Stepping stones through these lessons,
This life keeps testing,
And it’s not a game we can keep resetting.
Although I wish we could,
Waking up still fucked up, memories blurred.
Unspoken or destructive words fill our worlds,
What’s worse is that it hurts.
Yes it hurts so much sometimes,
Hanging from a thread with a knife
Lodged within your spine,
Created from a troubled mind,
Creating trouble alike.
Paranoid from the poisons inside,
It’s a black Sabbath, and I’m snow-blind.
Gotta clear the tears from those eyes
And go from clouded nights to clear skies.
The sun burns bright, I know that the past is out sight
But I still hold it right.
Yeah I still hold it alright and I’m holding it.

I can see clearly now,
Beaming through the bitter clouds,
The sun comes up, the moon goes down,
The compass guides me homeward bound.
Keep on attracting,
The magnetic field of a person,
Keep on searching and serving a purpose.
Follow the compass

Follow the compass, the purpose of this world will be certain.
Opens yours eyes and be alerted.
Wake up to the sound of life, sunshine and vibes.
Darkness day, longest night.
We all bear in mind, the battle-scars from the wars fought in our time,
In our eyes, memories get revived, but to let go and realise,
Will paint a stronger future for the generations who survive.
Shake away all the bad karma, regrets and dwellings.
The past is over, the future is unwritten, and this is the story I’m telling.
Track Name: Heartstrings
I lost myself but I found you,
I found the solution to the unending doom.
Leave the room, close the door
And move towards the chords
As they resonate through you.
My wrongs I undo,
As I erase the pain and fight through.
Keeping your secrets because I know your truths
And the truth is that I am the same as you.
Yes the truth is “I am the same as you.”
The world gives us things,
Years fill up with coffins & wedding rings.
Loving memories, love in the moment – hold it
And beginning to clear the cloudy thoughts of sins,
You are my family, you are my friends.
You are the unspoken ripples
Leaving impressions, learning your lessons
In pursuit of the happiness of heaven,
You have my blessing without any question.

Escaping no more,
I’m gonna start confronting my fears and dreams, conquer them and be clean,
Body and soul, mentally free,
One love, unity.
I take comfort to know that one day we will all be eased from this world.
Responsibilities and disease, no longer mean a thing to me,
We all let go, like a sunset, beautiful but cold in the distance,
Just learn acceptance.
Love without jealous feelings.
Reach beyond the Ceiling,
Like spiritual healing, taken high beyond the heavens, endless blessings.
A moment of truth,
Shake away always questioning,
Learn to trust and be content,
I don’t want to be the one left preaching,
But if you don’t take care,
You’ll be plagued with demons.

This life is about learning, sometimes, hurting, sometimes loving.
Live and give to every single person.
In your life, for the times,
Secrets, highs
Cycles of life, cycle of time.
Born, Die, Live and Survive.

Unconditional love lifting you beyond the ceiling,
Beyond the demons,
These are your secrets, embarrassments and problems.
We keep them, we break them, sympathise and solve them
But you still have my loyalty inevitably,
As we try to gain stability, responsibilities creep upon me,
Heartstrings get played.
There’s beauty in the ache,
Poetry inside the tragedy we seem to create.
The music will always know your names.
I lay flowers on the fallen graves.
The beat will save you again.
I don’t need to explain.
Your secrets are safe and that will never change,
Yes your secrets are safe.

Heartstrings get played,
Beauty in the ache,
I'll keep your secret safe,
And that will never change.